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Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel there has to be more to life than what you are currently experiencing?  Do the same negative patterns keep showing up in your life?

It's not your fault! Your subconscious beliefs might be standing in your way of achieving your dream life...


Do you wish for a life where happiness, abundance and success flows to you easily and effortlessly?

Learn how to break through the unconscious blocks holding you back to create the life you have always wanted.

How I can help you

"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire"
-  St Catherine of Sienna

Soul Realignment

This reading includes a detailed Soul Profile analysis, bringing clarity on your unique gifts and talents at Soul Level. The reading will also provide details of past and present life blocks and restrictions on your Soul record, which are limiting you in creating the life you want. You will gain an understanding of why certain patterns continue to show up in your life, and have an opportunity to clear these blocks and make new choices that powerfully align to your true Soul’s nature.

Business Reading

This reading is designed to set up your business with energetic support and alignment with your Soul talents, so that any effort you put into building your business is organized into an energetic matrix that supports your intentions for the future of the business.

Life Situation Reading

This reading is tailored to help you fulfil on a specific intention that you have for your life at this point in time. In this reading, you will get an understanding of the root causes of your current experiences, and the blocks that may be affecting your ability to create the results you want. This session will look at practical options for changing your current experience, using a number of techniques which may include Rapid Transformation Therapy or discussion with your spirit guides.

Manifesting Blueprint

This reading is designed to help you focus your intentions on what you want to manifest to achieve your desired goals. You will better understand your own unique blueprint design for manifesting, so that you can consciously create more of what you want quickly.

Create new results

I provide an individualised roadmap based on the exact blueprint of your soul to help you align to your true Divine nature, so you can create results you can only dream of now!


Life suddenly becomes a fun adventure and a playground in which to create. 

You will get to experience yourself as the spiritual being you really are, and how you see yourself will change forever.

"I want to say a big thank you to Marli. I was dealing with insomnia for several months. I tried changing my diet to vegan, I tried a bunch of supplements and my sleep issues still persisted. At this point I knew I needed to deal with some internal issues.  I started meditating and worked on myself. It is interesting that sometimes things happen at the right time... Shortly after that I met Marli.

During the session I had some unresolved issues regarding my father come up.  He is a wonderful man but it was just something I had never made peace with.  That alone was worth the session with Marli. What gets even better is the personalised recording she makes that you listen to whilst falling asleep. Marli is professional, adaptable and is amazing.  I recommend her in a heartbeat!  Thank you again Marli"

— Matthieu, CA



Unlock your Potential

Find out how to align with your soul purpose, become unstuck from old beliefs, create new results and create an extraordinary life you love.


Unlock your path to happiness, fulfilment and abundance here.

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