The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a living, constantly creating history of all Souls - recording each event, thought, emotion and intent across each life.

​Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for ether.  The Akashic Records are stored in the spiritual realm, and allows us to access the history of our Soul and past choices.

In a Soul Realignment™ Reading, you will truly connect to who you are as a Spiritual Being, and allow you to recognise the patterns and choices you have made in past lives (and that you are perhaps still upholding unconsciously today!), that create blind spots in your ability to manifest the reality you really want.

Soul Realignment 

Your Soul Profile

Your Soul Profile will clarify the core traits and characteristics that are unique to you, and the gifts and talents that you were given when your Soul was first created.

Understanding your Soul Profile will unlock the key to your own unique abilities to create abundance - becoming consciously aware of your own special talents will allow you to make powerful new choices aligned to your true self.

Identify and Release Negative Karmic Patterns

Negative choices made during past lives can continue to affect you lifetime after lifetime, until you become consciously aware of them and make new choices which are in alignment with your highest good.

​This Reading will allow you to understand the reasons why issues keep appearing in your life, and why despite all your best intentions, you seem to attract the same results time after time!

These patterns will show up in your reading because your Soul is now ready to release these karmic lessons and allow you to create a new experience of yourself.

Realign to your Divine Soul Blueprint

This is a profound opportunity to radically shift your current perceptions, remove limitations and negative patterns.  The reading will give you guidance on how to make new choices that align with who you are at Soul level.

Making new choices that align with your Divine nature will lead you to a happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

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